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It is not all just about bugs—it’s also about service! Master’s Pest Management has many years of experience, and we know what to look for and what our customers need when it comes to pest control. For instance, if you are buying or selling a home or building, reliable pest inspections are essential to ensure the integrity and structure of the property. Insects such as termites can damage foundations and other wood-based structures, and rodents like mice can chew through walls and spread diseases. Fortunately, the professionals at Master’s Pest Management offer the best inspection and other services, including:

  • Pest Inspections
  • Removal of wood-to-ground material (this often contains fungus that attracts structural pests, such as termites or carpenter ants)
  • Remediation of moisture problems by installing moisture barriers, automatic foundation vents, and sump pumps
  • Installation of insulation under homes and businesses
  • Attic inspections and remediation to prevent bat, stink bug, and Asian beetle infestation problems

Termite Home Inspection

Talk to us about your particular pest problem—just ask—you might be surprised at what we do! We offer the best pest extermination and prevention services in Northern West Virginia, from Fairmont in Marion County to Clarksburg in Harrison County, and every location in between! If you’re looking for reliable and efficient residential or commercial pest management services, contact our certified experts today!

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