Professional Exterminator and Animal Control in Buckhannon, WV

Master’s Pest Management is based in Buckhannon, WV. We offer a down-to-earth approach to pest elimination and extermination. We communicate on a first name basis. When you call us, you can expect to speak with us. You will receive a quick response and a rapid solution for your issue. For many years, our residential and commercial customers have trusted us to deliver effective service throughout our North-Central West Virginia Service Area.

Free Inspections From Experts at Nuisance Pest Identification

Reliable insect, rodent, pest, and nuisance animal control begins with accurate identification of the suspected pest species. We offer free pest inspections conducted by our in-house identification experts. You can depend on us for efficient pest control and elimination of most types of dangerous insects and nuisance animals that are creating an issue at your home or business.

Pest Infestation and Vermin Outbreak Control

We are proud of our customer satisfaction level and reputation within the communities that we serve. Your protection is our priority. We are licensed and certified to handle insect, vermin, and small to medium-sized nuisance animal outbreaks right away to help keep residents healthy and comfortable. If you see one pest, it is highly likely that a hidden infestation exists on or near your property. Don’t wait. Act now! For prompt pest removal and control service, call Master’s Pest Management at: (304) 472-1411.