Is There a Mouse in the House? We Will Kill It. FAST.

Professional Mice Extermination Service in North-Central WV

Master’s Pest Management has zero tolerance for mice. If there is a mouse inside of your house, we will find it (and its cohorts) and kill it. We work fast to eliminate mice to help return your home to its fresh, clean, and sanitary condition. Our technicians are experienced professionals, licensed and certified to provide comprehensive residential and commercial rodent extermination service throughout all of North-Central West Virginia.

How to Remove and Eliminate Mice for the Long Term

By the time you see a mouse, droppings, or damage to your food supply, there is likely already a significant breeding population established within the infrastructure of your home or business. You may wonder how to remove and eliminate mice by yourself. While populations may be temporarily reduced with over-the-counter traps and poisons, effective long-term control of mice populations is not a do-it-yourself project. Ineffective control methods may backfire and make mice extermination even more difficult. These techniques may attract additional pests and/or leave you with a gruesome, stinky, inaccessible mess of rotting mice corpses within your walls. Disgusting, indeed.

Mice are intelligent and highly adaptable pests. All possible entry points (less than the size of a dime) must be identified and thoroughly sealed with high-strength materials that mice cannot chew through. The optimal treatment will depend on a variety of factors. Master’s Pest Management offers a free inspection and will work directly with you to plan our method of attack.

Prompt, Affordable Mouse Control and Prevention by Skilled Technicians

Existing populations of mice can be extremely difficult to locate and exterminate. Expertise regarding the life cycle and habits of mice is necessary to completely eradicate and eliminate a rodent population from your home. The skilled and experienced extermination technicians of Master’s Pest Management offer prompt pest control that is both effective and affordable. Do not waste your time and money on expensive store-bought mouse control products that are hit-or-miss. Do not continue to place your family at risk of contracting serious diseases, parasites, and other pathogens. Contact us right away for immediate assistance at a reasonable rate. We provide extermination services, as well as ongoing monitoring and prevention. Call Master’s Pest Management at: (304) 472-1411.