Pest Extermination, Removal,
and Control in North-Central WV

What is a Pest?

Do you have pests? Pests are any unwanted insects or organisms that interfere with human activity. They may bite you, spread diseases, illnesses, and sickness, destroy your property, or otherwise cause a nuisance to such an extent that they must be eliminated.

For many years, Master’s Pest Management has provided a wide range of pest management services for our valued residential, commercial, industrial, government, and military customers throughout North-Central West Virginia. Let us put our pest extermination and control strategies to work for you. We provide prompt, personalized service and do what it takes to free you from the aggravations caused by many types of pests, including those listed below.

Identification, Elimination & Prevention of Crawling Pests

If you have noticed insect droppings, bites on your skin, or property damage in or around your home, you may have an infestation of one or more crawling pests. While many pest invasions are opportunistic and involve a single pest species, we frequently witness combinations of pests in one location. It can be difficult to determine the exact species involved in these cases. No matter what type of pest has invaded your property and peace of mind, you can depend on Master’s Pest Management to provide fast action to identify the culprit(s) and provide effective results that last. We offer monitoring, protection, and ongoing prevention strategies and techniques, as well.

Flying Insects? We Annihilate Them.

The most common flying insect pests are some of the most annoying (and dangerous) that we encounter. Most are well-known for their ability to quickly contaminate immense spans of surface areas within structures as they fly about and land, depositing hundreds of types of bacteria, parasites, and other disease-carrying pathogens. Master’s Pest Management does not tolerate this level of nuisance and terror being committed against our customers. We annihilate flying pests wherever we find them.

Extermination of Mice, Rats, Rodents, Birds, & Other Dangerous Pests

Pests take advantage of the efforts made by humans for their own benefit, in many cases causing much more than financial losses for their victims. As disease vectors, these species are capable of causing immense suffering and death for human populations. These dangerous pests are much more than a nuisance. Master’s Pest Management offers rapid removal and extermination of these and other unwanted “visitors.”

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