Professional Real Estate and Property Inspections

Serving North-Central West Virginia

Whether you need a certified professional pest inspection for your real estate property transaction or would like to request a complimentary inspection and quote for a specific infestation issue affecting your home or business, Master’s Pest Management offers the skilled expertise to ensure that your inspection is completed thoroughly.

Regular pest inspections are recommended on an annual basis as part of a regular maintenance program to help protect your investment. We take any necessary steps to prevent budding infestations from developing into significant problems for the structure of your home and the health of human inhabitants. Most pests are proficient at hiding their presence for long periods of time. Allow Master’s Pest Management to locate any obscure insects, rodents, spiders, and other pests that have taken up unwanted residence before major damage occurs.

Protect Your Interests When Buying or Selling a Home

If you are planning to buy or sell a home, a professional pest inspection should be one of your first considerations. You are likely to be liable for the cost of exterminating any pests that are found to be residing in or on the property, whether or not you were aware of their presence, as homeowners insurance does not typically cover these costs. The expenses of eliminating a serious, long-hidden issue such as a complete termite infestation may be financially devastating. Avoid any potential liability issues by contacting Master’s Pest Management to request a professional real estate pest inspection to protect your interests now and into the future.

Affordable Pest Inspections for Property Maintenance

Regular home property maintenance involves more than just mowing the grass and clearing out the gutters. Pest insects and nuisance animals are constantly seeking entry into your house as a convenient, abundant, and reliable source of free food, shelter, and water. It is a constant battle. Without regular inspections and treatment, as necessary, all homes eventually become host to pest infestations of some type. Master’s Pest Management offers affordable regular maintenance inspections for all types of pests common to the region.

Contact Master’s Pest Management to schedule a pest inspection for your property at: (304) 472-1411.