Stink Bugs

Effective Stink Bug Removal, Extermination, and Control

Serving Residential and Commercial Customers in North-Central WV

Stink bugs are a growing problem for our valued residential and commercial customers in North-Central West Virginia. Infestations can sometimes be difficult to recognize until the problem has become severe. If you actually witness the presence of a stink bug (or their telltale noxious odor), there is a significant likelihood that a breeding population exists in or near your property. Master’s Pest Management provides effective stink bug removal and control methods, as well as effective extermination to help eliminate these pests from your home or business right away.

What Does a Stink Bug Look Like?

The body of the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) looks like a shield and is readily identifiable by its unique appearance. It is a rather large bug at approximately 2cm long, and its appearance can be alarming. Stink bug nymphs have red eyes on yellow and red bodies. Their appearance can vary as they develop. Our professional extermination technicians will provide you with a free inspection upon request. If stink bugs have invaded your property, we can help. Master’s Pest Management has been serving residents throughout the region by providing fast, cost-effective elimination of all major insect, arachnid, and animal pests for many years.

Where Do Stink Bugs Live?

Stink bugs are most commonly witnessed clinging to screens on doors and windows, on the sunny side of exterior of buildings in the fall (presumably looking for a way in), or in groups on the inside of windows in the springtime (where they are attempting to get out). They typically use homes and businesses to live in to survive winter and then re-emerge as the weather warms up. They then seek fruit and vegetable crops and orchards to devour and destroy.

Schedule a Free Stink Bug Inspection

If you have noticed stink bugs in or near your home, contact Master’s Pest Management right away to schedule a free inspection. If left unchecked, thousands of stink bugs may make your home their residence as they accumulate inside of your walls, ceilings, attics, and crawl spaces, leaving a distinctly unpleasant, lingering odor that is extremely difficult to eliminate.

Personalized, Efficient Stink Bug Control -Safe for Kids and Pets

Contact Master’s Pest Management for a personalized approach to deal with any stink bug infestations that may be present. We offer a variety of cost-effective and efficient control methods to eliminate the bugs without harming children and pets that live with you. Call for a prompt response: (304) 472-1411.