Dorm Rooms Pest Control

Pest Control for Dorm Rooms and On-campus Housing

Prompt Extermination Service for Universities in North-Central WV

One of the most common locations where we find significant pest infestations is in on-campus university housing. Dorm rooms house a diverse range of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, many of whom are, unfortunately, not aware of the basics of pest prevention. With food and drink items routinely left out in the open, failure to promptly remove garbage, and cramped quarters where pests from one room can rapidly spread to infest an entire facility, the presence of serious pest issues is not surprising. As an owner or property manager, you must anticipate these challenges and take action. Aside from educational efforts, a reputable pest management program from Master’s Pest Management is critical for your North-Central West Virginia property.

Effective Extermination & Removal of Cockroaches, Flies, and Silverfish

Master’s Pest Management provides comprehensive pest extermination and removal services for college and university housing that is safe and highly effective. Bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, and silverfish are not something that students or their parents want to deal with. We ask our customers to watch for the following signs of pest infestation prior to allowing guests to move in:

  • Visible Presence of Bugs in Drawers, Closets, Curtains, Bathrooms, etc.
  • Urine or Droppings
  • Exoskeletons
  • Blood or Brown Streaks on Bedding

How to Prevent Pests in Dorm Rooms

Master’s Pest Management recommends that all students be provided a handout on how to prevent dorm room pests that includes the basics of sanitation and how to prevent pest infestation, such as keeping food and drinks tightly covered and put away, taking out the garbage daily, regular dusting, wiping counters, vacuuming, and mopping, keeping laundry clean and dry, washing dirty dishes immediately, keeping papers neatly stacked (no clutter for pests to hide in), and alerting the property manager to any issues noticed, such as leaks or signs of pest infestation, immediately.

Library books can also be a common source of unwanted insect hitchhikers, and should be examined before they are checked out of the library. Unfortunately, even the cleanest room can be infested from a nearby contaminated room. Ongoing preventive treatment is critical to an overall successful dorm room pest management program.

Bed Bugs? Let Us Help! Effective Solutions Proven to Work

Bed bugs, in particular, are becoming a serious pest in dorm rooms and shared housing. They cannot be killed by over-the-counter products or even most pesticides. Bed bugs spread quickly and their bites can cause immense discomfort and psychological distress. Master’s Pest Management offers highly effective, prompt solutions that are proven to work. We know how to get rid of these noxious pests right away. Let us help.

Contact Master’s Pest Management to request a free inspection, schedule emergency extermination services, or request placement into our ongoing monitoring and protection program. Call: (304) 472-1411.