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Residential and Commercial Flea Extermination in North-Central WV

Fleas are a parasitic species that relies on the blood of their host to survive and reproduce. Fleas typically prey on mammals, such as domesticated cats and dogs, as well as mice and other wildlife. In most cases, fleas will feed on their host of choice, but when infestations are extreme or the host is removed, they will readily bite and prey on any humans in the vicinity. Master’s Pest Management serves the residential and commercial flea removal and extermination needs of residents throughout North-Central West Virginia. Our skilled technicians are trained to identify infestations and kill fleas fast. We also provide ongoing monitoring and protection services to eliminate flea eggs, larvae, and pupae to prevent re-infestation.

Signs of Flea Infestation

Fleas in the cocoon stage (just before emergence as a blood-sucking parasite) can remain protected for months to years before emergence. Our technicians understand the life cycle of fleas and are able to implement innovative techniques to keep your home or business flea-free with regular care. There are several signs that indicate that a flea infestation is occurring:

  • Flea Fecal Matter (looks like pepper) on the Skin of Pets or in Their Vicinity
  • Visible Fleas Witnessed Jumping From Carpet
  • Excessive Pet Scratching/Grooming
  • Visible Bites on Human Residents

Are Flea Removal Treatments for Pets Enough?

Over-the-counter or veterinarian-prescribed flea treatments for pets are an important part of controlling the flea infestation; however, these will not eliminate flea infestations after they have been allowed time to deposit their eggs within the carpet and furnishings of your residence. If the fleas are unable to feed on the host animal, they will simply shift their attention to human inhabitants to continue their life cycle.

Fleas Transmit Diseases: Plague, Worms, Typhus, and Parasites

Fleas are not merely a nuisance pest. They are a disease-carrying vector species that may harbor a wide variety of zoonotic illnesses both during feeding and via the spread of contaminated fecal matter. Some of the most worrisome and common pathogens and parasites include:

  • Tapeworms
  • Bubonic and Other Plagues
  • Typhus/Rickettsia
  • Tularemia
  • Bartonellosis (Cat Scratch Disease, Trench Fever, and Carrión’s Disease)

Free Flea Inspection in West Virginia

Contact us for a free inspection if you are aware of, or suspect, a flea infestation within your West Virginia property. Our friendly technicians will meet with you to explain available options and discuss a plan to eliminate these pesky parasites from your residence. Call Master’s Pest Management for a prompt appointment: (304) 472-1411.