Restaurant Pest Control

Food-safe Restaurant Pest Control

Protecting the Food Service Industry
in North-Central West Virginia

Pest management is a mandatory component of operating any successful restaurant or food service business. A visible sighting of just one cockroach or mouse could ruin your entire business. Due to the nearly continuous presence of food and cooking fats, the risk of attracting many types of pests is ongoing and can pose a serious challenge.

Pest removal and control in your restaurant requires vigilance. At Master’s Pest Management, we make meeting your pest control goals in North-Central West Virginia as simple as possible. We are licensed and certified to service all commercial food and beverage handlers and have a zero tolerance policy for food pests.

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Bakeries

Free Restaurant Inspection and Affordable Extermination

For many years, we have been the region’s go-to exterminator for acute and chronic pest infestations involving all types of insects, rodents, and nuisance animals. Call Master’s Pest Management at the first sign of infestation for a prompt, discrete response. We also provide ongoing monitoring and protection services to safeguard your business against pest invasion before a minor intrusion becomes a catastrophic infestation with the potential to ruin your reputation and close your doors forever. We control all types of food pests, including flies, cockroaches, rodents, and pests that attack your stored food goods.

  • Free Inspection
  • Discrete
  • Prompt, Affordable Extermination
  • Proven, Effective Solutions
  • Pest Identification
  • Cockroach Control Program

We Promptly Terminate All Restaurant Pests

The pest challenges faced by restaurant operators may seem overwhelming. With the ideal conditions present for harboring all types of pests (including optimal temperature, humidity, and an abundant food and water supply) your business will always appear as a diamond in the rough to hungry pests without appropriate professional intervention.

Master’s Pest Management denies pests access to your facility, and promptly terminates any pests that pass into or near your structure. Our food-safe pest control solutions are personalized to address the specific requirements of your restaurant. We will inspect your facility, identify any specific problem areas, develop and implement our plan of attack.

For a free inspection, to learn more about our licensed and certified pest management services, or request prompt assistance, contact Master’s Pest Management at: (304) 472-1411.