Residential Services

Residential Extermination and Pest Control
in North-Central WV

Safe, Affordable Pest Elimination

Master’s Pest Management provides comprehensive extermination and control services for most types of nuisance insects and animal pest species found in and around residences throughout North-Central West Virginia. Aside from the annoyance and financial damages caused by these pests, many pose serious risks to human health. Our goal is to promptly inspect, identify, and eliminate pest species from your home by using highly effective techniques to eradicate the insects, birds, rodents, or other types of pests without posing a threat to the safety of the occupants of your home. We offer rapid response times and affordable rates for our valued residential customers.

Pest Remediation – Moisture & Fungus Control and Insulation Installation

Master’s Pest Management also offers the following remediation services:

  • Removal of wood-to-ground material (this often contains fungus that attracts structural pests, such as termites or carpenter ants)
  • Remediation of moisture problems by installing moisture barriers, automatic foundation vents, and sump pumps
  • Installation of insulation under homes and businesses
  • Attic inspections and remediation to prevent bat, stink bug, and Asian beetle infestation problems

Free Residential Pest Inspection in West Virginia

If you suspect or have found evidence that your North-Central West Virginia home or property has been invaded by nuisance insects or pest animals, including bats, birds, and mice, contact us right away for a free inspection. Master’s Pest Management will confirm the presence and identify the species involved and develop a plan to eliminate your problem right away. These creatures may pose a wide variety of risks to the structure of your home and the health of your family and it is important to take measures to control the situation as soon as possible, as most pest species breed at very fast rates.

Pest Control Treatments That WORK

There is much more to effective, comprehensive pest management than simply doing a little spraying around the home. We use our entire arsenal of highly effective products, strategies, and equipment to eliminate pests in and around your home. Aside from spraying indoors, we can also treat the entire perimeter of your property to eliminate pests before they can infiltrate your home. This extra line of defense is a valuable addition to help ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Whether you chose a short-term or long-term solution to your pest issue, rest assured that Master’s Pest Management will make your safety and health our number one priority. Our pest control treatments WORK.

Safe Pest Control for Sensitive People & Pets

Many of the chemicals used by exterminators today can cause severe reactions for sensitive people and domestic pets. At Master’s Pest Management, we use only the best and safest pest control treatments. We are aware of the sensitivity issues that many of our customers face, and apply control agents that work to eradicate pests without making our customers uncomfortable.

Residential Pest Control Programs

Master’s Pest Management works with you to develop a pest control program that meets your needs and fits your budget. Our three basic levels of residential pest control can be customized and enhanced to provide the best and most economical solution for home pest control:

Level One (Good): Semi-annual visits to your home, in mid-spring and again in late summer or early fall. This solves many pest situations.

Level Two (Better): Bi-monthly service visits; your home receives intensive perimeter treatments, focusing on stopping pests before they get inside.

Level Three (Our Best Residential Program): Monthly service visits; provides a rotation of treatments, ensuring that every area of your home is continuously inspected and protected

Interior and Exterior Home Extermination Treatments

Whether you have black widows lurking in your woodpile, birds nesting in and destroying the wood of your home, bed bugs biting your family at night, or any other destructive or dangerous pests threatening the sanctity of your home, we can help. Master’s Pest Management is licensed and certified to provide interior and exterior extermination services, as well as follow-up infestation monitoring and perimeter treatments to protect your family against physical attack, illness, and disease. We can help safeguard your home from catastrophic pest-related structural damage. Call Master’s Pest Management for prompt assistance at: (304) 472-1411.