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Pest Control Treatments that Work the Best

Maybe you have seen commercials on television over the years, where the exterminator does a little spraying around the home, but did you know there can be so much more to effective pest management in addition to chemical sprays? Today’s homeowners are very aware of the different kinds of chemicals that are being used, and some of them can cause reactions in people and pets that are sensitive to them. At Master’s Pest Management, we only use the best treatments that effectively remove or prevent pest invasions for any home in North Central West Virginia.

Tackling the problem of getting rid of pests around the home can take a number of different approaches these days. Beyond spraying indoors, there are external, perimeter treatments that can keep pests away before they reach your home. This gives a line of defense that many homeowners in Northern West Virginia can appreciate. Ridding your residence of any health or safety threats is our top priority, so we take every necessary step to ensure that every insect, rodent, and other pest is properly removed from your property.

Our Services Get the Job Done Effectively

Master’s Pest Management uses products that will get the job done effectively, with the health of your household in mind. We can provide short-term or long-term solutions for your pest control problem, and will work with you to design the right program to fit your needs. Here are examples of three different Residential Programs and what they provide:

Multiple Exterminating Programs

  • Good: Semi-annual visits to your home, in mid-spring and again in late summer or early fall. This solves many pest situations.
  • Better: Bi-monthly visits, where your home receives intensive perimeter treatments, focusing on stopping pests before they get inside.
  • Best: Every month service, which provides a rotation of treatments, insuring every area of your home is inspected and protected on a periodic basis.

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