Bed Bug Extermination

Prompt, Effective Bed Bug Extermination

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“Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite…”

There may be nothing quite as unsettling as discovering that the most intimate areas of your home have been invaded by nocturnal, blood-sucking bed bugs. These predatory insects have preyed on humans throughout all of recorded history. With the brief exception of the period ranging from the 1940s through the 1980s (when pesticides such as DDT, Chlordane, and Diazinon were used to nearly wipe out bed bugs) these pests have been the subject of terror for people of all ages. Their comeback has been swift and brutal. If you have reason to believe that bed bugs may be in your home, contact Master’s Pest Management right away. We offer effective, modern treatments to eradicate bed bugs from your West Virginia home without harming you and your family.

Free Bed Bug Inspection -Fast Extermination Service

Our skilled exterminators offer free comprehensive bed bug inspections. We thoroughly examine your beds, couches, flooring, and other areas where bed bugs are known to hide. If the presence of these pests is indicated, we will provide a quote for our affordable termination service to promptly treat all affected areas. Master’s Pest Management eliminates visible and hidden bed bugs, as well as their eggs. If you notice any signs of bed bugs in your home, we can help.

  • Shed Bed Bug Exoskeletons
  • Bed Bug Fecal Deposits or Blood Spots on Beds
  • Small Blood Stains on Nightclothes
  • Puffy Red Skin Welts or Rash
  • Burning, Itchy Bites on Skin (Usually in a Line)

Affordable Do It Yourself Bed Bug Removal?

While there are many claims that bed bugs can be eliminated by “do-it-yourself” methods, unfortunately these techniques mainly eliminate only those insects that are exposed to surface areas. The vast majority of bed bugs are well hidden, protected, and not readily accessible, even with the use of so-called “professional” fumigation systems. Most of our customers have already wasted significant amounts of time and money on these products before contacting us for a thorough professional extermination. Don’t waste your resources. Contact Master’s Pest Management first for affordable, licensed and certified bed bug removal for both residential and commercial property owners. Call us at: (304) 472-1411.