Fast Cricket Removal and Extermination

Protecting Properties in North-Central WV

In popular folklore around the world, crickets represent good luck, prosperity, and vitality – and are portrayed as friendly pets. In reality, crickets are one of the most destructive and annoying pests. They consume valuable ornamental plants and crops, as well as paper, rubber, clothes, living and dead insects, foods, fabrics, and other household items. They will eat and damage just about anything they come in contact with, but one of their favorite foods is wallpaper glue. Master’s Pest Management has been protecting property owners from cricket infestations throughout North-Central West Virginia for many years. We can help eliminate your cricket problem once and for all.

Are Crickets Biting You or Depriving You of Sleep?

Crickets frequently attack with a painful bite if an attempt is made to pick them up for relocation. Crickets are not welcome guests in the homes, gardens, farms, and businesses of our customers throughout North-Central West Virginia. Their incessant chirping disrupts sleep, and can cause dangerous conditions such as sleep deprivation and mental disturbances. We can help eradicate your cricket problem so you can get the sleep you need. Call Master’s Pest Management at: (304) 472-1411.

Affordable Cricket Infestation Treatments: Fast Elimination

When you require fast and effective extermination of a troublesome cricket infestation, our highly skilled technicians are available to provide on-site services. Master’s Pest Management offers a free inspection to identify the source of your problem. After analysis, we will personally consult with you to discuss our findings and design a reliable treatment plan to meet your needs. Our affordable, fairly-priced elimination and follow-up services fit your budget.

Request a Free Cricket Inspection From Master’s Pest Management

While one cricket is unlikely to destroy your home, spread diseases, or contaminate your cupboards, these pests multiply rapidly and can cause significant destruction within your home or office. Contact Master’s Pest Management at the first sign of infestation. We provide the highest quality pest management services for our valued customers, along with courteous service. Call to request a free inspection or quote for pest control service at: (304) 472-1411.