Interior Treatment

Professional Home Interior Pest Extermination

Affordable Exterminator in North-Central West Virginia

Master’s Pest Management offers safe, highly effective professional treatments to exterminate pests from the interior of your home. We have many years of experience providing trusted pest elimination and control services in North-Central West Virginia for a wide variety of interior house pests including:

Safe, Personalized Pest Management for Your Home

Master’s Pest Management’s skilled technicians offer a free inspection to identify the pest species involved, the extent of the infestation, and provide prompt, personalized pest management for your home. Each situation is unique. The safety of your family and pets is our priority. We are licensed and certified exterminators and our products are approved for use within the interiors of residential structures.

At Master’s Pest Management, we understand the stress and duress that pest infestations cause for our customers. We respond and meet your needs promptly to eliminate rodents, insects, and other nuisance animals from your home. Allow us to provide you with the peace of mind necessary for full enjoyment of your home.

Is Pest Control Safe? How Long Does Extermination Take?

Many of our customers wonder if interior pest control is harmful or how long the treatment will take. Our treatments are safe for home occupants, children, and household pets. They are designed to target only specific pest species. Although we use certified safe extermination and control measures, our intent is to minimize your exposure to the control products that we use. In most cases, product will only be applied to the baseboards of your home or the interior cavities of your walls. Rest assured that we do not apply pesticides to food storage or food preparation areas.

Master’s Pest Management will keep you fully informed regarding where products and/or bait have been placed. As soon as any liquid applications have dried, you and your pets may safely return to your home (typically within just a few hours). In many cases, you will not have to leave at all.

After we secure the inside of your home, we also offer perimeter control, follow up monitoring, and protection services to help keep pests from returning to your house.

If you would like to learn more about our services, schedule a free inspection, or interior extermination/control treatment, please call Master’s Pest Management at: (304) 472-1411. We will return your call promptly.