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Industrial Pest Control

Serving the Manufacturing Industry in North-Central WV

Pests within your manufacturing or industrial facility are much more than just a nuisance. They can damage your machinery and reputation, cause illness, and result in mounting financial losses from fines, recalls, production shutdowns, and legal actions. NO pest issues are acceptable within clean manufacturing facilities. Droppings from rodents, birds, insects, and other pests spread disease and contaminate your product and facility.

Master’s Pest Management has been the trusted extermination and pest control company serving North-Central West Virginia for many years. You can depend on us to apply our experience and the most innovative techniques to keep your business operating on schedule while minimizing losses.

Free Inspection for Warehouse Insects, Rodents, and Pests

If you suspect that your manufacturing, industrial, or warehouse facility may be infested with any insects, birds, rodents, or other troublesome pests, contact us first for a free inspection. Master’s Pest Management will examine your business, perform a basic risk assessment, and provide you with an affordable quote for prompt elimination of your problem, if found. Our technicians are experts at rapidly identifying and treating a wide range of troublesome pests. We also provide affordable customized monitoring and prevention services to help keep your business from being overrun by pests again.

Fast Extermination of Manufacturing Plant Mice, Flies, Birds, and Ants

No matter how carefully you operate your manufacturing plant, unwanted pests can arrive on incoming products or establish a breeding population in an obscure location. We frequently encounter pests such as mice, rats, flies, fabric pests, birds, ants, and a wide range of insects in even the cleanest facilities. They reproduce rapidly and tend to result in excessive downtime and revenue loss by the time they are discovered. For the fastest possible pest elimination, contact Master’s Pest Management. We are licensed and highly skilled extermination experts dedicated to providing prompt, personalized service on a one-on-one basis to get rid of your problem and get your facility back into compliance as soon as possible. Contact Master’s Pest Management for answers to your pest management questions or to schedule a service: (304) 472-1411.