Perimeter Protection

Professional Home Perimeter Pest Protection

Affordable Exterminator in North-Central West Virginia

If you have already had the interior of your North-Central West Virginia home treated to eliminate pests and would like to follow up to help ensure that they are excluded from entering your house in the future, Master’s Pest Management provides professional perimeter protection. Our technicians are able to offer extended exclusion for interior house pests, as well as pests that may be more likely to prefer to infest the exterior of your home or property:

Effective Preventive Perimeter Extermination That Fits Your Budget

Our skilled technicians will consult with you to develop the most effective preventive plan of action to treat the perimeter of your home, your first line of defense against pest invasion. Manual removal of visible pests, barriers, baits, and liquid or granular pesticide application are some of the options available. Each treatment will vary depending on the type of pest that is targeted, the construction of the house, surrounding vegetation, and other factors unique to your property and the level of infestation.

If the pest species are only present outside of your house, perimeter protection makes sense. Master’s Pest Management will meet with you to provide a free inspection and discuss our findings with you to develop a personalized plan to fit your budget.

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Low Odor
  • Affordable
  • Fast Kill Speed
  • Long Lasting

Can’t Be Home for Extermination? No Problem!

While interior treatment followed by perimeter protection is the ideal management technique for controlling most pests and nuisance animals, we understand that there may be cases when our customers are simply unable to arrange to have someone be at the house for some time. That is no problem! In these cases, perimeter protection can be applied to help minimize the severity of the infestation until a full treatment can be completed. It is important to attack pests as aggressively as possible to minimize their potential for causing structural damage and health concerns. Please note that perimeter protection is not intended as a replacement for professional interior pest extermination treatment.

Contact Master’s Pest Management for prompt answers to your questions or to schedule a perimeter pest treatment for your property. Call: (304) 472-1411.