Multi-Housing Pest Control

Pest Control for Multifamily Housing in North-Central WV

Preventive Treatment & Innovative Pest Extermination

As the owner or manager of a commercial multifamily housing unit, you know how important pest control is to the integrity of your business. The ideal approach to managing pests is removal, followed by ongoing preventive treatment. Whether you’ve received complaints regarding pests from tenants or your goal is to never hear that particular complaint, we can help.

Master’s Pest Management offers many years of experience providing personalized, comprehensive attention and innovative extermination methods to eliminate pest from apartments and condos to keep them from returning. Let us help protect you (and your tenants):

  • Minimize Disease Spread
  • Uphold Your Reputation
  • Avoid Lease Terminations
  • Decrease Tenant Complaints
  • Help Avoid the Possibility of Litigation
  • Minimize Repair Costs

Simple, Effective Pest Control for Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Mice, and Flies

Master’s Pest Management’s services follow a proven effective plan based on the individual characteristics of each property. Frequency of interior and exterior treatments, procedures, monitoring, and removal/cleanup are designed to minimize your overall cost without sacrificing quality. We make pest control simple. Our technicians are easy to talk with and we get the job done right, quickly, effectively, and discretely. We handle a wide variety of pests and nuisance animals, including:

Save Money With Safe Extermination by Licensed Commercial Exterminators

Ask us about our money-saving specials and contracts. We are licensed and certified commercial exterminators dedicated to providing the highest quality service for each of our customers. All required documentation and records are maintained to ensure that your units are in compliance with legal responsibilities. Master’s Pest Management does not apply hazardous or unnecessary chemicals as part of our prevention strategy. Chemicals are applied only as necessary, and all of the preparations that we use are safe and approved for use in your multi-unit housing complex.

Master’s Pest Management offers free inspections for your facility, prompt treatment, and diligent follow-up. Regardless of the size or extent of the infestation, we can handle it. To get answers to your pest control questions or request immediate extermination services, call us at: (304) 472-1411.