Fabric Pests

Professional Fabric Pest Extermination in North-Central WV

Prompt Elimination of Moths, Beetles, Crickets, and Silverfish

If you have noticed damage to the clothes in your closet or those in storage, or destruction of carpeting, rugs, bedding, needlework, house linens, or other fabrics, you may have a fabric pest infestation. Unlike many household pests, those that attack fabrics are proficient at hiding their presence until significant damage has already occurred. Prevention is the ideal management strategy for these pests; however, if you are experiencing an active infestation of these difficult to eradicate pests, Master’s Pest Management offers prompt, professional elimination of a wide range of fabric pests, including:

Clothes Moths: Larvae Consume Fabrics, Especially Wool

Carpet Beetles: Larvae Destroy Carpeting and Fur, Leather, Wool, and Silk Fabrics

Crickets: Attracted to Laundry Starch, Body Oils, and Food/Beverages Spilled on Clothing

Silverfish: All Life Stages Consume Fabrics (especially cotton, rayon, and linen), Proteins, Carbohydrates, Starches, Books, and Insulation

Signs of Fabric Pest and Book Infestation

Cockroaches, firebrats, and termites are opportunistic consumers of fabrics. Although these pests will consume just about any type of natural fabric blend, the most commonly affected materials are those made from all natural components, such as fur, feathers, down, leather, upholstery, tapestries, wool, hair (such as paintbrushes), silk, and cotton. These materials should be regularly cleaned and carefully stored to exclude predatory pests. Regular inspections are likely to alert you to the presence of any fabric pets before serious financial damage occurs. Fabric pests may also attack books and wooden instruments. Watch for signs of infestation anywhere fabric items are present within your home:

  • Presence of Living Insects
  • Dead Insects/ Shed Skin
  • Fecal Material
  • Cocoons, Silk Threads, and Cases
  • Eggs and Larvae
  • Holes or Damage in Fabrics or Carpet

Free Pest Inspection by a Skilled Exterminator

At Master’s Pest Management, we provide our customers with the prompt, personalized service that you deserve. Our skilled extermination technicians have many years of experience and extensive knowledge regarding the life cycle and habits of fabric pests. We eliminate the pests that are destroying your belongings and are able to provide options, such as ongoing monitoring and protection, to help prevent another infestation in the future. Contact us for a free inspection, answers to your pest control questions, or to schedule an appointment: (304) 472-1411.