FAST Pigeon and Pest Bird Removal and Elimination

Serving Residential and Commercial Customers in North-Central WV

Birds are significant pests for property owners throughout our North-Central West Virginia service area. Aside from the nuisance of their presence and droppings deposited near your residential or commercial property, pest birds are one of the main causes of significant property damage to roofs, gutters, building exteriors, and HVAC systems. The holes that they chew and the nests that they build provide ideal conditions for attracting additional pest species, as well. Many birds carry and spread zoonotic illnesses and parasites that may affect your health and contaminate food, beverages, and other manufactured products. Master’s Pest Management has been serving the pest bird removal and elimination needs of our customers for many years. We offer fast, effective management of a wide variety of pest bird species, including:

Pigeons: Deposit Caustic Droppings Containing Human Pathogens; Destroy Architectural Elements

Starlings: Agricultural and Livestock Pest; Disrupt Air Travel

Swallows: Build Nests Beneath Eaves and Destroy Wood

Canada Geese: Leave Large, Unsightly Droppings and Destroy Lawns and Property

Woodpeckers: These Territorial Birds Create Large Quantities of Holes in Your Building

Chimney Swifts: Clog Chimneys and Create a Fire Hazard

Hawks and Birds of Prey: Attack Domestic Animals and Livestock

How to Get Rid of Pigeons in the Attic

Feral pigeons are perhaps the most destructive disease vector bird species in our region. They prefer to roost in (and alter the structural integrity of) homes and damage architectural components of businesses. Pigeons will enter into and live inside of attics. Anywhere a pigeon goes, it deposits copious amounts of bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasite-laden droppings, as well as fleas and mites. Pigeon feces is caustic and wears away wood, stone, metal, and other materials within a relatively short period of time. If you are wondering how to get rid of pigeons, call Master’s Pest Management. We provide affordable, long-term solutions to improve the sanitary conditions of your home or business, and protect it against further destruction.

Removal of Aggressive Birds From Your Garden, Fields, and Swimming Pool

Many bird species are highly aggressive, particularly when nesting. They bite and peck at the heads of unfortunate humans that get too close to their perceived territory. Some bird species will attack your garden or fields. Aquatic species may flock to your swimming pool and foul its water with droppings. Master’s Pest Management offers a variety of bird management options to remove and exclude nuisance birds from your property and helps prevent them from coming back.

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