Professional Mosquito Control in North-Central WV

Fast, Effective Extermination and for Backyards and Interiors

Mosquitoes feed on aquatic organisms, and some are also parasitic pests that consume human blood. Many species of female mosquitoes consume the blood of their victims soon after mating to enhance their reproductive success. During this predatory action, mosquitoes serve as disease vectors that can transmit a wide range of potentially deadly parasites and diseases to victims, including La Crosse encephalitis, dengue fever, malaria, Chikungunya, Zika Virus, and West Nile Virus. If you are experiencing a mosquito infestation, contact Master’s Pest Management right away. We have many years of experience providing fast, effective extermination services for home and business owners throughout all of North-Central West Virginia.

Free Mosquito Inspection and Optimal, Affordable Home Exterior Treatments

Our professional mosquito control experts provide a free on-site inspection to examine your property for the type and degree of mosquito infestation. Our team offers the personalized attention required to provide you with optimal results at an affordable rate, no matter where the breeding grounds are located. Often, the exterior of a property will be heavily infested, with a few stragglers finding their way inside of the home. Master’s Pest Management will locate the source of the problem and address it directly.

What Type of Itchy Bite Do I Have? Mosquito Bite Identification

In many cases, the only sign that our customers may experience that leads them to suspect a mosquito infestation is the presence of itchy bites and welts. They may wonder what type of bite they have or have a strong suspicion that the bite was caused by a mosquito due to a visual sighting. There are several pest species that bite and leave marks similar to those left by mosquitoes. We must be certain of the species that we are targeting prior to taking proactive measures. As soon as the pest is identified, we will discuss your options and begin working to eradicate the bugs that are pestering you and your family.

Contact Master’s Pest Management to request a free inspection, receive answers to your pest questions, or schedule an extermination or preventive treatment. Call: (304) 472-1411.