Bed Bugs

Professional Bed Bug Extermination:
Residential and Commercial

Protecting Properties (and Sleep) in North-Central WV

Do you feel unsafe in your home? Are bloodsucking parasites lying in wait for you to provide their next meal while you sleep? Bed bugs bite human hosts to feed directly on blood, leaving behind an intensely itchy bump that is prone to infection. Contact Master’s Pest Management for professional bed bug extermination. We have been trusted to protect residential and commercial properties for many years. Our service area includes all of North-Central West Virginia.

Bed Bug Bites? No More! Let Us Help Remove Them.

Many bed bug infestations are picked up from hotels, where these nasty hitchhikers catch a ride on your clothing or luggage. They then reproduce and form a new, hidden colony anywhere that humans remain sedentary for long periods. Although bed bugs have not been shown to transmit diseases directly to humans when they bite, these bites (and their mere presence) are likely to cause immense discomfort and psychological disturbances. Let Master’s Pest Management help you. We offer prompt removal and ongoing preventive services.

Bed Bug Termination Specialist in West Virginia

At Master’s Pest Management, we have extensive experience dealing with and eliminating many types of pests in West Virginia, and bed bugs are our specialty. We locate bed bugs wherever the bugs think they may be hiding. We track them all down. Then, we kill them. After we kill them, we come back and terminate any stragglers that may have survived, and we keep coming back to monitor and protect your property (and sanity) from this most dreaded pest. We’re good at what we do, and we are proud of that.

Rapid, Personalized Treatment and Extermination of Bed Bugs

Our technicians provide friendly, personalized bed bug treatment and elimination services for our valued customers. We understand the trauma of discovering that your home has been invaded. We work to quickly restore your property to the clean, safe harbor that you expect your home to be. Contact the licensed professional exterminators of Master’s Pest Management to request a free inspection or schedule a rapid response extermination treatment today. Call: (304) 472-1411.