Affordable Spider and Arachnid Removal and Extermination

Unsightly Webs? Do Not Let Spiders Intimidate You

With the obvious exception of the black widow spider, most spiders in West Virginia do not cause serious problems for humans. Most spiders will bite (or attempt to bite) when confronted or inadvertently trapped. These bites can be quite painful. The main issue that we encounter with spider infestations is the unsightly webs that these pests attach to various architectural components and structures in and around residential and commercial properties. Additionally, the prey that spiders trap and store may attract other, more unpleasant, pests. In addition, spiders can be intimidating and strike fear into the hearts of our valued clients. Do not fear. Master’s Pest Management is here to assist you.

Protecting North-Central WV Properties from Spiders

Master’s Pest Management has been protecting our customers throughout all of North-Central West Virginia against the threat of spiders for many years. We eliminate spiders from your residence right away. We also offer ongoing monitoring and protection service to prevent spiders from re-invading your personal space.

Fast Parasitic Mite Extermination

As the weather turns colder, spiders and other arachnids (such as mites) seek out the shelter of protected interior spaces for survival through the cold of winter. Unlike spiders, mites are parasitic and feed upon humans and domestic animals. They also infest and contaminate stored food goods. Dust mites can cause discomfort for humans. The presence of mites exacerbates the symptoms of asthma patients, and is implicated in scabies, as well. They may be found anywhere within your home or business. The nuisance caused by spiders and mites grows with time and their elimination and extermination is advised as soon as an infestation is recognized. Master’s Pest Management destroys mites fast. Let us know if we can assist you.

Spiders in Your Home? A More Serious Pest Infestation May Exist

In some cases, a spider infestation may indicate the presence of a more serious pest infestation. Spiders tend to live where prey is readily available. Master’s Pest Management offers a free inspection to help you discover the root of the problem. Contact the licensed professionals at Master’s Pest Management for prompt, affordable extermination and pest management services. Call: (304) 472-1411.