Food Pests

Food Pest Control in North-Central WV

Licensed and Certified Food-safe Pest Elimination

Food pests are a plague that follows consumable items from the field to the pantry. Master’s Pest Management is licensed and certified to provide food-safe pest removal for residential and commercial customers throughout North-Central West Virginia. We implement innovative pest management solutions, as well as monitoring and preventive services to minimize contamination and financial losses. We serve homeowners with pantry pests, as well as all major commercial food industries, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Farms
  • Food Warehouses
  • Processing and Distribution
  • Grocery Stores and Retailers

Weevil, Flour & Grain Beetle, Meal Moth, and Mite Removal

Food pests cause billions of dollars in losses every year by decreasing the quality and quantity of commercially manufactured foods and beverage goods. The presence of insect pests in your food products damages your reputation and can lead to devastating product recalls. The skilled technicians of Master’s Pest Management remove all major food pests, including:

  • Drugstore Beetles
  • Sawtoothed Grain Beetles
  • Weevils (Rice, Maize, and Granary)
  • Cigarette Beetles
  • Flour Beetles
  • Mites
  • Bean Weevils
  • Spider Beetles
  • Meal Moths
  • Flour Beetles
  • Grain Beetles
  • Dermestid Beetles

Pests in Grains, Seeds, Meat, Nuts, and Dried Fruit? Evict Them!

Although food pests do not bite humans, the contaminated foods that they leave behind are unfit for human consumption. No prepared food or beverage products are immune from contamination, but some foods are much more likely to become targets for these destructive pests. Dried cereals, grains, pasta, crackers, seeds, cookies, nuts, dried fruits, meats, and dry milk are particularly vulnerable and may have already been contaminated before they arrived on your shelves. Products that are packaged in thin wrappers, such as cardboard, cellophane, paper, foil, and plastic have little to no defense against infestation. Food pests rapidly spread from the source of contamination to infest unaffected foods. They rapidly move to other food storage locations soon after emerging from pupa to adult. An active monitoring and preventative program is strongly advised for all who deal in food products. Let Master’s Pest Management evict these pests for you.

Free Food Pest Inspection and Reasonable Rates for Fast Solutions

Master’s Pest Management will work with you to provide a fast, effective solution to any food pest infestation that you may be dealing with. A free inspection is available upon request. We also offer monitoring and protection services to help ensure that your products are safeguarded against loss. Contact us for personalized service at a reasonable rate. Call: (304) 472-1411.