Bat Exclusion and Management in North-Central WV

Licensed Protection of Residential and Commercial Properties

Bats consume significant quantities of insect pests and perform a great ecological service. Yet, you do not want them to set up a habitat in or near your residential or commercial property. Bats become a nuisance, as well as a potentially dangerous threat to your health, when they begin to roost inside of human habitations. For many years, Master’s Pest Management has provided fast, licensed bat control (including exclusion and total pest management services) for our customers throughout North-Central West Virginia. We respond promptly to help safely eliminate bats from your home and property.

Why Are Bats Considered a Pest?

Bats are well-known as beneficial mammals that eliminate vast quantities of mosquitoes, crop and garden pests, and many other harmful pests. Therefore, many people wonder why bats might be considered a pest species. Unfortunately, bats themselves may pose serious risks to public health when living in shared quarters with humans, including:

  • Rapid Accumulation of Massive Quantities of Heavy Guano (Droppings)
  • Noises Disrupt Sleep of Inhabitants
  • Noxious Odors
  • Presence Attracts Pests to Roost Site
  • Rabies Vector
  • Carrier of Histoplasmosis
  • Attract Flies, Ticks, Fleas, Mites, and Other Parasites
  • Damage to Structure Allows Access for Additional Pest Infestations

Fast, Humane, and Complete Bat Removal and Exclusion in WV

In many cases, young bats become confused, and a single individual may find its way into your home. Occasionally a colony will set up temporary shelter outside of your structure during migration through West Virginia. In these cases, simple removal may be sufficient to encourage the bat(s) to move along to find a more appropriate roosting site. If a larger colony has claimed your home or business as residence, prompt action must be taken to exclude the bats. All entryways must be located so that they can escape, but not return. In most cases, a one-way exit is installed. If young bats are present, these must be manually removed. Master’s Pest Management evicts bats fast and humanely and prevents them from returning.

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